Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions on the following topics:

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Provisional Licence

How do I get a Provisional Licence?

You can apply for a British Provisional Licence by Applying Online or completing the D1 application form that is available from the DVLA form ordering service or Post Office® branches.


How much does a Provisional Licence cost?

The Licence currently costs £34.


Do I need my Provisional Licence before I can start learning to drive?

Yes, you will need to bring your licence with you on your first driving lesson.


Do I need to carry my Provisional Licence with me at all times?

No, it isnot a legal requiremnet to do so.  However you may wish to carry it as a form of ID.


Do I need to take my Provisional Licence with me when I am on test?

Yes, you will to show your licence to the Examiner at the beginning of the test.  If you don't do this the test will NOT go ahead.


The Theory Test

When can I take the theory test?

You can take the theory test any time from your 17th birthday onwards.


Where is my nearest theory test centre?

This is where you can find your Nearest Theory Test Centre.


How much does the theory test cost?

This is where you will find the latest Theory Test Prices.


How many questions are there?

There are currently 50 questions in the test, 45 multiple choice and 5 on a case study.


What is Hazard Perception?

Hazard perception is the part of the theory test which involves you looking for developing hazards in a series of video clips. Each clip will be marked out of 5 depending on how early you identify the hazard. One of the clips will contain 2 hazards and be marked out of 10 but it will not tell you which clip it is going to be. You will find an extensive amount of information and some practice tests on the Driving Test Success website.


What is the passmark?

To pass the theory test you must complete both parts to a satisfactory level. The passmark for the questions is 43/50, and the passmark for the Hazard Perception is 44/75. If you fail either part of the test it will fail your overall result.


Practical Test

How do I book my practical test?

You can either book it over the phone by calling 0300 200 1166 or you can Book Online.


When can I take my practical test?

You should wait until an instructor advises you to book your test. We have got a good idea what the driving examiners are looking for and can get you to the required standard before booking to hopefully avoid you failing and wasting money.


Where is my nearest practical test centre?

This is where you can find your Nearest Practical Test Centre.


How much does my practical test cost?

Here is where you will find the latest Driving Test Fees.


How long will it take me to learn to drive?

Everybody learns at a different pace. We will arrange your lessons so that you get the best out of them. I will get you to the required standard as soon as I can. I offer 1, 1½ and 2 hour lessons. The bigger spaces you leave between lessons without driving the longer it will take you to learn to drive. Private practice with parents and relatives can also be beneficial as long as you practice what you have been taught.


Do you do lessons in Automatic cars?

I'm afraid I do not have an automatic car so cannot teach you in one unless you have your own automatic car that you would like to use.


How do I pay for my lessons?

I would like you to pay by either cash or cheque at the beginning of the lesson. These are my Current Prices.